Virtual Hangzhou

Center for Digital Humanities Pilot Award
Fall 2017

Supported by a generous grant from The Khyentse Foundation, the Hangzhou Buddhist Culture Project promises to have a major impact on our understanding of Buddhism in China and the East Asian region. Student engagement in research is integral to the project. Utilizing a collaborative team approach, students assume roles over key aspects of the project. Ultimately, the project will produce two outcomes: 1) a body of research that will both enhance our knowledge of East Asian Buddhism and lead to new perspectives regarding its meaning and significance; and 2) the creation of visual materials designed for new generations of learning, including maps, videos, and other web-based materials, including a “virtual” Hangzhou. In 2018, program participants had the opportunity to observe the Buddhist Birthday Ceremony Procession from Shang Tianzhu 上天竺/ Faxi si 法喜寺monastery to Lingyin si 灵隐寺 monastery, as well as go on an overnight trip to Mt. Tiantai 天台山, a monastery complex in the Hangzhou region with a deep and rich history. The team also heard lecture presentations from Guodong Feng 冯国栋 (Zhejiang University) on “Zhejiang province and the Buddhism of the Song dynasty” (浙江与宋代佛教), and Gaoxing Qiu 邱高兴 (Jiliang University), on “Qiantang River and Buddhism” (钱塘江与佛教). In addition to visiting numerous project related sites throughout the region, students were involved in a pilot project to create a virtual representation of the main worship hall at Lingyin Monastery.

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