Revamping the BGIS Database and Website with a Focus on Hangzhou Buddhism

Center for Digital Humanities Pilot Award
Spring 2019

We have been working on the Buddhist Geographic Information System (BGIS) project since 2003 to collect, digitize, and publish GIS data about religious sites in China. We once created a online database platform with the combination of MYSQL, APACHE, and PHP, funded by a small grant from the provost office in 2003. However, due to maintenance issues, the online platform has since been dormant in a UA W6 site at The current project aims to revive the site with updated technologies and map applications such as Google Map or ArcMap online. (There is no Google map at the time we design this database.) There is no specific hardware requirement for this project since the W6 space is available for us. Since we preserved all the codes, only minimum updates are needed for the current design. We hope to reestablish this site with the functions similar to Harvard China Map at In particular, we wish to use this revamped site to store, link, and demonstrate our GIS data collected from the Hangzhou region in China. There are plenty of grant opportunities we are qualified to apply if this database is revived.

Principal Investigator: