Grant Support

Twice a year, the Center invites faculty to submit projects for possible support. Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Innovativeness of the project
  • Contribution to the field of Digital Humanities
  • Doability given available time and resources
  • Potential for external funding

Awards will not be in cash, but rather in the form of (1) developmental assistance (e.g., technical, managerial, etc.), and (2) small hardware purchases to enable the creation of working prototypes or pilot projects. The extent of developmental support will be determined following a planning meeting with the awardees facilitated by the Director of the Center for Digital Humanities and the Director of Tech.Global.




One of the services provided by the Center is publication opportunities. We want to make the following academic journals available for possible publication outlets for faculty.

Fire!!! | Visit

Published Biannually by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. Fire!!!: The Multimedia Journal of Black Studies, an online-only journal (ISSN 2156-4078). Fire!!! accepts manuscripts for publication that incorporate media elements as primary evidence to substantiate or challenge scholarly theories and interpretations of African American life and history. Research that crosses the lines of traditional disciplines and focuses on contemporary issues that expand the intellectual realm of Black Studies is welcomed. All articles and review essays are peer-reviewed and must be between 7,500 and 12,000 words, including endnotes and references, and prepared using The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition.

Fire!!! accepts commentaries; reviews of publications, websites, and pedagogical material resources; digital database submissions; and other non-peer-reviewed contributions that incorporate media elements to be evaluated as either a contribution to scholarship, a distortion or accurate rendering of Black life and history, or a source of primary material.

Journal of Urban Cultural Studies | Visit

The double-blind, peer-reviewed Journal of Urban Cultural Studiesis thus open to scholarship from any and all linguistic, cultural and geographical traditions – provided that English translations are provided for all primary and secondary sources citations. Articles published in the journal cross the humanities and the social sciences while giving priority to the urban phenomenon, in order to better understand the culture(s) of cities.

We are particularly interested in essays that achieve some balance between discussing an individual (or multiple) cultural/artistic product(s) in depth and also using one of many social-science (geographical, anthropological, sociological…) urban approaches to investigate a given city. Essays will ideally address both an individual city itself and also its cultural representation.

Critical Multilingualism Studies | Visit

The Journal of Critical Multilingualism Studies is a peer-reviewed, transdisciplinary journal of scholarship on multilingualism, monolingualism, and their related social, cultural, historical, and literary/medial phenomena. Critical Multilingualism Studies invites scholarly contributions from various fields that take stock of collective paradigmatic and discursive developments vis-à-vis multilingualism in recent years. Fields from applied linguistics to Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, from film studies to history, from computational linguistics to political geography, from medical translation to security studies, from religious studies to anthropology have all been posing new and nuanced questions about multilingualism. CMS seeks to offer those fields an opportunity to dialogue with one another across and among various disciplinary conventions and vocabularies, while bearing in mind a diverse scholarly audience.